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.one {
color: blue;
border: 2px solid;
background: blue url("") repeat ;
height: 1000px;

Why is the height necessary but width is optional?

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a div by default has its width set to 100% of its parent element. height is not set by default. – wmfrancia Aug 29 '13 at 20:55

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This is because a <div></div> is by default set to display:block which means the elements width is default to 100% width; But with no content inside, the div has no height

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Because a <div> is a block-level element and it takes 100% of its parent's width by default, but it has height: auto CSS declaration by default which will be calculated to 0 in this case.

A block-level is an element which has a type of display of block (display: block).

When you place a <div> element directly into <body>, the division element takes 100% width of the body (which it has 100% - 2 * 8px width of the screen itself, by default).

In order to display a division (<div> tag) on the screen, you need to put a content inside, or set a specific height.

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