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I created a colorbox, and it works fine. The problem is, when I close it, and open a different colorbox on the page, both colorboxes load (the first one directly behind the second). When I close them, and open another one, I get three colorboxes, etc.

I'm doing this in a Drupal 7 view, I'm adding colorbox links to all the image fields.

My code for calling the colorboxes:

$('.views-field-field-gallery-images .field-content img').each(function() {

    nid = $(this).parent().parent().parent().find('.views-field-nid .field-content').html();
    href = $(this).attr('href');
    //$(this).attr('href', 'gallery-slideshow/' + nid +'?width=500&height=500&iframe=true');
    href = 'gallery-slideshow/' + nid;
    $(this).colorbox({href: href});
    //$(this).attr('href', '');
    //$(this).addClass('colorbox-load init-colorbox-load-processed cboxElement');
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could you please describe why are using this code? you can rewrite output in view itself to open this colorbox. Please write down what functionality you need. Then I might help you to get you the required result. – Aniruddhsinh Aug 31 '13 at 9:58

use this in you colorbox:

var x = $(this).colorbox({onClosed: function(){ x.remove(); }});
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