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My goal is to have a UITableView where each cell holds an image slideshow that can be scrolled through right there in the cell. Tapping on any image will take the user to a detail screen pertaining to that image.

I was successful at adding a UIPageViewController to each UITableViewCell, and can browse through all photos in each cell.

However, I'm not sure what to do in order to capture the tap.

My hierarchy is like this:

- MasterViewController
  - UITableView
    - UITableViewCell
      - MyUIPageViewController
        - MyImageViewController
          - UIImageView

What I want to be able to do is capture the tap on a row, figure out which image a user is currently viewing, and send them to the detail screen. But my tableView's tableView:didSelectRowAtIndexPath is not getting fired, most likely because the tap is getting swallowed by MyUIPageViewController, MyImageViewController, and UIImageView.

I could easily put a UITapGestureRecognizer on the image, but then I'd have to create a delegate method on each controller up to MasterViewController in order to forward which image was tapped on to MasterViewController and that seems annoying.

How should I approach this? What's the easiest way to set things up so tapping on a row gives me information about which row was tapped and which image was being viewed?

I've messed around with subclassing UITableView and overriding hitTest:withEvent and that seemed fruitful but I kept getting two calls to that method for each tap.

I also can't just set userInteractionEnabled to no because then my UIPageViewController won't act like a slideshow

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