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I have an autocmd, if ft is qf, it is gonna call some functions to modify the quickfix list by get/setqflist()

I know there are another pair of functions get/setloclist(), to handle the location list.

My problem is, how to know if the current buffer is qf-list or location-list (They both have filetype qf) so that I know which functions should be called?

so far what I can think of is, assume both loc and qf lists are not empty, do some change on qf-list, and compare with current buffer, if the current buffer is changed too, it is qf-list, otherwise it should be location list. Finally roll back the changes. But I feel it is stupid... there should be better way to make the decision.

Did I miss some function/flag/variable ?

share|improve this question… Take a look at this thread. (The second one would ideally be what you want but I don't think it works...). The person eventually settled on empty(getloclist(0)) to see if the location list for the current buffer was empty if it was assume quick fix. – FDinoff Aug 29 '13 at 23:27
@FDinoff yes in my case both lists could be empty and could be filled data. – Kent Aug 30 '13 at 9:21

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The w:quickfix_title variable tells you what command was used to generate the list displayed in the window. If the first letter after the colon is an l you are in location list.

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+1 for the variable. I don't know this before. but is this way safe? I mean what if the loc/qf list was set by some script, like setqflist(). it will show this function name... then I need check the key word qf or loc in function name. I don't know if there are other cases.. – Kent Aug 30 '13 at 9:19
And there is another problem, if the quicklist is empty, e.g. opened by :copen, reading this var will throw exception. but it seems that we cannot open an empty location list.. I mean open the empty location list window manually. – Kent Aug 30 '13 at 21:22

The only reliable way I've found, is to store the current window number, then issue a :copen command. If the active window number changes, you were in the location list and not the quickfix list. If it doesn't change, you were already in the quickfix list.

You also want to store the number of open windows, and compare that to the new number of open windows. Then you can close the quickfix window if it wasn't already open.

Finally you can jump back to the location list (if needed) using the stored window number and wincmd w.

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