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I have a program that runs a long process after you click an action button. As the process is running the root window will say that it is not responding even though I know the program is running in the background. This program is going to be released to a few people that I work with and I want to make sure they don't freak out and close the window when they see this. The solution I have is sitting a root.update in the loop of the process that is running but I am not sure this was the best fix.

Using the python 3.3

Here is a sample of the code so you get an idea of what I am doing, this is called from the main loop:

def combine(boxes_to, boxes_from, frame):
        to_value,to_pos = gui.checkBoxes(boxes_to)
        from_value,from_pos = gui.checkBoxes(boxes_from)

        running = Label(root,text="Running please do not close..",font = (16))
        map_to = open("map_to",'r')
        for line in map_to:

        finish = Button(root, text="Done",command=gui.stop)
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You should run the background process in another thread. Your single-threaded program can only do one thing at a time. When your long running process is running the UI can't keep up. –  korylprince Aug 29 '13 at 23:04

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While you can call root.update() in your loop, this will still produce some (potentially) undesirable side-effects.

  1. The program may act laggy, meaning it takes a long time to respond to user input.
  2. You will only be able to run this one action. Any other action has to wait for this to finish.

As an alternative I would suggest that you implement simple multi-threading. Python multithreading is pretty simple, and will prevent both of these drawbacks. You will be able to execute your long running code, while still providing a clean and responsive UI.

If your application is trivially parallelizable, you could use multiple threads to decrease running time. Ex. Thread 1 handles entries 1-100, while thread 2 handles entries 2-200.

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