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I have some content in my layout that are not supposed to be displayed in some pages.

E.g.: When a user is registering for the site my default frontpage sidebar should not be displayed:

<!DOCTYPE html>
        {% block head %}
            <link rel="stylesheet" href="style.css" />
            <title>{% block title %}{% endblock %} - My Webpage</title>
        {% endblock %}
        <div id="content">
           <div id="sidebar">
               {% block sidebar %}
                   {% render "/layout/sidebar" %}
               {% endblock %}
               {% block content %}{% endblock %}

        <div id="footer">
            {% block footer %}
                &copy; Copyright 2011 by <a href="http://domain.invalid/">you</a>.
            {% endblock %}

In the above code:

 {% block sidebar %}

should display some advertising instead!


Something like:

{% if SOMEVIEW == TRUE %}
    {% block sidebar %}
{% else %}
    {% block advertising %}
{% endif %}

What expression could I use in my IF to accomplish that job?

Thanks in advance

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You can look at How to check if an user is logged in Symfony2 inside a controller?

and http://symfony.com/doc/current/book/security.html#access-control-in-templates

In the view you can use {{ is_granted('IS_AUTHENTICATED_FULLY') }} to check if a user is logged in.

Hope it's helpful.

Best regard.

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I came accross to the solution here http://symfony.com/doc/current/cmf/bundles/core.html#twig:


will return the route name so that I can handle it inside my twig files.

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