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I run $ bundle install and the following message appears. I had to say rubygems(dot)org instead of the link because of the no more than 2 links rule for people under 10 rep.

Updating git://github.com/legiar/spree_bootstrap.git
Fetching gem metadata from https://rubygems.org/.^Csungmoon@new-host-2:~/rails_project/cart$ >bundle install
Updating git://github.com/legiar/spree_bootstrap.git
Fetching gem metadata from rubygems(dot)org/.......
Fetching gem metadata from rubygems(dot)org/..
Resolving dependencies...
Could not find gem 'spree_boostrap (>= 0) ruby' in >git://github.com/legiar/spree_bootstrap.git (at master). Source does not contain any versions of 'spree_boostrap (>= 0) ruby'

My gemfile looks like this.

source 'https://rubygems.org' gem 'rails', '4.0.0'

gem 'sqlite3'
gem 'spree', github: 'spree/spree'
gem 'spree_auth_devise', github: 'spree/spree_auth_devise'
gem 'spree_core'
gem 'spree_backend'

gem 'spree_paypal_express', :git => 'git://github.com/spree/spree_paypal_express.git'
gem 'spree_boostrap', :git => 'git://github.com/legiar/spree_bootstrap.git'

gem 'sass-rails', '~> 4.0.0'
gem 'uglifier', '>= 1.3.0'
gem 'coffee-rails', '~> 4.0.0'

Thanks for reading.

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It's not "spree_boostrap" it's "spree_bootstrap" (you're missing a "t")


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facepalm....... –  Russell Aug 30 '13 at 1:57

You most probably copy pasted the install code in the github page. If you look closely, it's missing a t. It should be

gem 'spree_bootstrap', :git => 'git://github.com/legiar/spree_bootstrap.git'
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