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I am trying to create an c# application which can add event on my calendar using GData API

I am trying to figure out how to insert date and time to this event which I create. For now I can create the event but by default it takes the current date and time. I would like to add future event using datetimepicker.

I found somewhere on google developer forum that uses atomentryobj.times but it doesn't work.

Could you please help.


     EventEntry adder = new EventEntry();
     adder.Title.Text = txt1.txt;
     adder.Content.Content = txt2.txt;
     Where Loc = new Where();
     Loc.ValueString = txt3.txt;
     When eTime = new When(dateTimePicker1.Value, dateTimePicker2.Value);
 Uri postUri = new Uri("");
        AtomEntry added = service.Insert(postUri, adder);

Thank you, ms

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Google calendar V2 API is deprecated, I suggest you move to V3 calendar API, as any time Google will withdraw support to V2.

for starter you can refer :

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