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This is a weird situation. In Xcode's IB, I have a NSTableCellView subclass that I've built. It looks like this:

IB Xcode showing fields arranged correctly

And when I run the app on my Mac, it comes out exactly as I would expect:

Rendered cell running on my Mac

However, if any other Mac runs my app, every text field drops by something between 5-10 pixels:

Rendered cell on another Mac, with text fields lower than the other image

Notice how the image view on the top right, and the hairline separator remain correctly positioned. This is just the text fields.

My brain balks at solving this because I can't guess what the cause is: my Mac is retina (hence right now the larger-looking image from my Mac) but I spend most of my time developing on a non-retina LED cinema display. I've tested this on three other Macs than my own, and the results are the same; it seems my own Mac is the outlier.

Any guesses as to the cause of this layout discrepancy?

UPDATE: I am using springs and struts to lay out the app. But I also tried using AutoLayout on one of my NIBs in case that was related. But the results were identical.

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Found the answer! Turns out I had an additional copy of Avenir installed on my Mac which nobody else had. That Avenir has different metrics associated with it, and once I disabled the non-system-provided Avenir, my Mac is now showing the same screwed-up layout as every other computer does. Yay?

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