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Is there a way in the Chrome Extension API to add an exception URL for 3rd party cookies?

I have looked at content settings and privacy and found nothing. I know I can force allow 3rd party cookies altogether, but that seems invasive to the user.

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It's not even possible to do it manually by going to chrome://settings/contentExceptions#cookies

If the "Block third-party cookies" setting is enabled, you cannot add any exception! You can only disable this option and allow all third-party cookies at the same time.

Pretty stupid from Google, I guess they're trying to force users to not block third-party cookies.

I'm always blocking third-party cookies, but because it wasn't working for attachments in gmail (emails are served from and attachements from I wanted to add those two domains to the exception list but cookies would still remain blocked. Only disabling the "Block third-party cookies" option would allow cookies to be set from third-party domains.

Hope that clears things up. Cheers!

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