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I am new to Maven. Using the instructions mentioned here: http://activeintelligence.org/blog/archive/hosting-maven-repository-for-third-party-jars-on-git-bitbucketgithub/, I created a github maven repo for third-party jar. I can see the jar (and the corresponding pom) here: https://github.com/sushilmittal/wiki-keyword-extraction/tree/master/repository/com/rapid_i/rapidminer/5.3.006

My pom.xml has these two entries corresponding to the above jar:




When I do mvn compile, I get the following warning:

Downloading: https://github.com/sushilmittal/wiki-keywordextraction/tree/master/repository/com/rapid_i/rapidminer/5.3.006/rapidminer-5.3.006.pom [WARNING] Checksum validation failed, expected https://github.com/sushilmittal/wiki-keyword-extraction/tree/master/repository/com/rapid_i/rapidminer/5.3.006/rapidminer-5. 3.006.pom

which further leads to the following error:

[ERROR] Failed to execute goal on project DataIndex: Could not resolve dependencies for project DataIndex:DataIndex:jar:0.0.1-SNAPSHOT: Could not find artifact com.rapid_i:rapidminer:jar:5.3.006 in wiki-keyword-extraction (https://github.com/sushilmittal/wiki-keyword-extraction/master/repository/) -> [Help 1]

If I manually go to the location https://github.com/sushilmittal/wiki-keywordextraction/tree/master/repository/com/rapid_i/rapidminer/5.3.006/, I can see the files. So I fail to understand why maven is unable to download the jar/pom from that location.

Any ideas?

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First off, please read this post

Second, using a source control system as a Maven Repository is a really bad plan. The recommended thing to do is use a Maven Repository Manager. There are at least three implementations available and there is even an on-line hosting service.

Thirdly, if you insist on following this misguided plan, you need to tell Maven the https path to the raw files in the GitHub repo, not the HTML rendering of the file content with line numbers etc

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