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so suppose I have a long sound recording as part of a Flash presentation. Can I put on the presentation a scrollbar and start/stop/pause/resume buttons as in Media Player or Windows sound recorder that would allow me to scroll to basically jump to any moment in the sound recording? So I guess, I am asking, can such typical sound player functionality be implemented for a Flash presentation in Flash?

If there are sample apps that already demonstrate how to write similar code, links are very much appreciated :-)

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Yes, it is possible to jump to any position within a loaded soundfile. Using the Sound class, you can get the length of the sound file by using Sound.length and the current position of the playing sound with SoundChannel. That way, you can construct a scroller that updates its position when the sound is playing and that allows to jump to any different position.

If a user jumps to a position, you then only need to get the start time and use it as a parameter of That method also returns the SoundChannel object you need for the current position. Just remember to stop the playback first before playing a file again.

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