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While development I need to frequently update my web app source code & deploy the updated war to a remote Tomcat server. Uploading a big war(25MB) takes too long(around 30 min) on my connection which is very unproductive. Is there any way I could reduce the war size ? There are a lot of external dependencies in my project. Could I deploy just the changes(may be dependencies remain intact) ?

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What you are asking (Could I deploy just the changes?) cannot be done. There are other things you can do though to reduce the file size of your war file:

  1. You can place libraries in tomcat's common directory (tomcat-dir/common/lib) and remove them from your dependencies in your war file (Managing libraries in tomcat).
  2. Place static file on a cdn or another web application on your tomcat (that would require code modification though)
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It depends how much control you have over the upload process. If you have remote access to the filesystem, the following should work:

  • Upload the WAR
  • Let Tomcat expand it
  • Stop Tomcat
  • Delete the WAR
  • Start Tomcat
  • Tomcat should run your app from the expanded directory
  • Upload changed files only and replace the old ones in the expanded directory
  • For static files, no further action is necessary
  • If up update classes or JARs, you'll need to restart Tomcat
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Actually, if exploded war deployment is an option for you then you could use kwatee. It's a free and unrestricted tool (I'm the author) with a simple web interface (or CLI automation) that can do incremental exploded war updates and many other things.

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