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I want to send and consume the custom object as below using Spring AMQP.

Producer code

Record record = new Record("message1", new Date());

Can anyone provide spring amqp @configuration settings for sending and consuming messages as above. Thanks!!!

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You should take a look at the Sample Applications; some of them use @Configuration.

But, essentially, you need...

public SimpleMessageListenerContainer container() {
    SimpleMessageListenerContainer container =
            new SimpleMessageListenerContainer(connectionFactory());
    MessageListenerAdapter adapter = new MessageListenerAdapter(myListener());
    return container;

public Object myListener() {
    return new Foo();

and the listener can be a POJO...

public class Foo {

    public void handleMessage(Record foo) {


I added a Gist here for XML version.

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Thanks Russell, able to consume the Objects.\ –  Pand005 Aug 30 '13 at 13:14
I would love to see an example using XML config. I've got everything working and can send/receive strings, but not objects. I can send objects, but they are never received by the app. Rabbit MQs CPU jumps to 100% after sending 1 message and stays at 100% untill I drop the queue, so it is kind of stuck. –  Wouter May 29 at 9:43
See this gist for an XML version –  Gary Russell May 29 at 13:30

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