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I have a arrav string like this:

string[] imgList = new[] { "/Images/10000489Back20130827.jpg", "/Images/2F.jpg", "/Images/10000489Front20130827.jpg" };

that contain names of file, contained in an virtaul directory.

If this parameteres I assigned to an ImageUrl, the image is displayed. In the detail of the pages show the propertie like this:


But when I try to looking for the files in specific directory all the files and assigned to an ImageUrl rpoperties, the images it's not displayed. I note that the path retrieve complete, and not a reference of the virtaul directory

string path = "/Images"; ///Obtener el path virtual

DirectoryInfo directory = new DirectoryInfo(path);
FileInfo[] files = directory.GetFiles("*.jpg");

imgList = files.Where(x => x.FullName.Contains(clientNumber)).Select(x => x.FullName).ToList().ToArray();

I retrieve this path:


How can I get only the virtual path with the name of the file using DirectoryInfo class?

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try this:

string path = "/Images";
DirectoryInfo directoryInfo = new DirectoryInfo(Server.MapPath(path));
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Hi, doesn't work! –  Khristian Liahut Aug 30 '13 at 9:05

I resolved it:

Instead to pass the full path:


I concatenate the virtual path with the file name.

path + x.Name


imgList = files.Where(x => x.FullName.Contains(clientNumber)).Select(x => path + x.Name).ToList().ToArray();
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