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It might be a similar question with this : Android - Stream and Record at the same time

I've tried to make a live video streaming on Android, and using spydroid library, it works really well.

But the problem is I need to both live video streaming and video recording to the sd card at the same time. However, in the code, setOutputFile() specify socket's file descriptor :

        // We write the ouput of the camera in a local socket instead of a file !           
        // This one little trick makes streaming feasible quiet simply: data from the camera
        // can then be manipulated at the other end of the socket

In here, mSender is LocalSocket object.

But like you guys already know, to record video to sd card in Android, we should specify file path to the setOutputFile() method. But we can't do both of them.

If I record live video in client side, then I can do it, but I want to do it on server side.

Do you have any thought or idea? Small hint can be very helpful to me. Thanks in advance :)

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have you got solution of it? I am also trapped in same problem seriously. Thanks. –  khunshan Apr 3 at 13:18

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