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There's a structure of the following format:

 (setq dist '(((1 1) 1)
              ((0 2) 3)
              ((1 2) 1)
              ((2 3) 3)
              ((3 5) 4)))

Is there any function which, if I call

(myf '(0 2))

could give me



((0 2) 3)

Something like a reverse assoc

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I fail to see why this would be called a reverse ASSOC.

(assoc '(0 2) dist :test #'equal)
> ((0 2) 3)

It looks like ASSOC works fine, provided you change the test function, so that lists used as keys are correctly tested.

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By the way, if you actually want a "reverse" assoc, i.e., find the pair where the CDR matches, there is RASSOC. – Svante Dec 8 '09 at 17:08

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