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I have written a program that currently can only read and write to openformat types, but this is not convnient to some users, what doccumentation can i purchase for .doc , .docx, etx... thank you.

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What about using Apache POI instead of reinventing the wheel? –  LaurentG Aug 30 '13 at 9:08
The official file format specifications can be found at MSDN. It's probably too complex to write a reasonable implementation on your own though (for .doc it's ~600 pages of specs). –  ComicSansMS Aug 30 '13 at 10:30

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I don't think you need to purchase anything. Don't try to reinvent the wheel instead use some library avaiable on the net like docx4j, or the Apache POI like Thomas and piet.t suggested.

For the record, I never used this library. But their website seems very complete and the forum section is active and filled with a lot of posts. Also I've already heard people talking about it (but I guess it's just hear say so it doesn't count) So it seems to be a good one.

One little quote found on their website :

"congratulations for the great job, I can do things that I cannot with POI or OpenOffice? API !!"

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Instead of reinventing the whell just take a look a the apache poi library. That one will allow you to create or manipulate dox or docx documents via java-API.

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LaurentG beat me by 22 secs.... –  piet.t Aug 30 '13 at 9:09

Have a look at Apache POI, which should at least be able to read .doc files.

Here's some info on POI's .doc and .docx support: http://poi.apache.org/hwpf/index.html

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