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I am using Protege 4.3 to create and organize an Ontology which contains Chinese characters.


As you can see, some Chinese characters are displayed properly, but others are displayed in little squares. The little squares do not always occur, for example: if I click on the []-[]-[]-cheatsheet-[]-[]-[]-[]-[], I can the same Chinese characters are displayed without problem.


Do you know what I can do to make Protege 4.3 display chinese characters correctly and consistently?

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I guess I could have done further homework for this question. It's a post close to the final solution. (I have to post this as an answer for the length doesn't fit comment box)

To be specific, I found from Protege Mailing List Archive the following feedback post

[p4-feedback] Protege 4.2.0 Chinese Display Problem:


I know this problem and have even fixed it on one occasion. But I don't truly understand it or know what to do about it. I am sorry that I don't have good information on this problem but I will give you my best current understanding.

In my experience, when this happens the character information is correctly encoded in the OWL file. The problem is exclusively a display problem. This is consistent with your description of the problem - in some of the screens the individuals are displaying correctly.

I believe that the problem has to do with the configuration of fonts in the java virtual machine. If you change the instance of java that Protege is using the problem will manifest in different ways or it will go away. When I worked on this problem before (it has happened a couple of times) I gathered some web pages. Unfortunately only one of them is still valid, but perhaps it is part of the solution.

I will post my own investigation results after trying the suggested approach above.

PS: A useful owl example is provided here - some unicode characters do not display correctly in Protege

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