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I have values in txt file


Now i want to replace the below value as


I tried this:


sed -i 's|$SACTUALVALUE|$SREPLACEVALUE|g' $FILE >  /tmp/Bridger/ file got created in /tmp/Bridger/ path but with no content on it.

I also tried:

sed -i 's|$SACTUALVALUE|$SREPLACEVALUE|g' $FILE >  /tmp/Bridger/

But didnt work out. Kindly help

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possible duplicate of Replace a text with a variable (sed) – tripleee Aug 30 '13 at 9:32

You have to use " to substitute your bash variable values in sed expression.

It should be,

sed -i "s|$SACTUALVALUE|$SREPLACEVALUE|g" $FILE >  /tmp/Bridger/

Then, You are using -i option. It will change the modification in original file. But, you are redirecting STDOUT to /tmp/Bridger/ In this case, nothing to be written to the file. That is why, you are getting empty file.

1) If you want to create a new updated file,

sed "s|$SACTUALVALUE|$SREPLACEVALUE|g" $FILE >  /tmp/Bridger/

2) If you want to do the substitution in the same(original) file,

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thank you so much ! it worked :) thanks again – user2732216 Aug 30 '13 at 9:45
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