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When we design a software/Application, it outputs various responses for different inputs or same input with different data or rather conditional output.

For example:

  1. I query for detail of a department
  2. I query for detail of an employee
  3. I query for detail of an employee who is suspended

So basically there are two resource: one gives department detail, another gives employee detail. Second resource gives detail on the basis of certain condition.

There can be N number of resources and N number of condition for a resource.

I am looking for some way to diagram it or to document it so I can remind the actual function requirement easily. I don't wanna spend much time in documentation otherwise I'll downgrade my development.

I don't wanna use flow chart or activity diagram. Because they are in more detail and cover complete processing. I am looking for something which can show conditions and their affect on response.

I am also looking for some diagram which can show me the meaning of each field (in response, or column of database table) and can relate it with requirement.

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The best way I see here is to develop scenarios and to draw them as a flow chart. You do not need to necessarily describe every flow detail. It can be a higher level overview of the project. For Example : So for 1.I query for detail of a department You can list the actions based on the inputs and the responses. If your project is in an agile framework it will not require that you jot down every detail anyway. You can also draw further diagrams as you progress. As you will get to know the system more the more further you work on it. That's how it usually is when you are developing a software project from scratch. Use good tools like Jira, git,bitbucket for code management and to have a better framework to implement your project as a agile project. For a database diagram the best way is to draw the schema diagram to see which table depends on which other one with its relationships and then implement that in your project. It is always good to keep a schema diagram as you can later refer to it when needed.

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