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I have a problem with this error. I have two matrices, days1 and days2, with size:

[size(days1) size(days2)]

ans =

      14749           2       14749           2

So they have the same length and depth.

However, when I try to plot the two graphs together, I get the following error:

??? Error using ==> plot
Vectors must be the same lengths.

What's the reason?

Thanks in advance.

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The vectors you are plotting are not the same length:

>> size(days1(1,:))
ans =

   1   2

>> size(days1(:,2))
ans =

   14749       1
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You are right!! I have to do plot(days1(:,1),days1(:,2),'b',days2(:,1),days2(:,2),'r') Thanks a lot!! –  aliants Aug 30 '13 at 9:29

That is because:

days1(1,:)    days1(:,2)
^ [1 x 2]     ^ [14749 x 1]

which are obviously NOT the same length :)

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