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i am just developing some simple app which show the periodic table but my problem is how can i achieve the periodic table like layout in my iPhone app in just landscape format.

i have tried to search some CustomGridLayout sdk for IOS but not suitable for me

have goggled the things but not succeeded

following is the reference of periodic table layout which i want to implement

enter image description here

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UICollectionView ? – Injectios Aug 30 '13 at 9:33
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There is a couple way to do this:

1) You may use UICollectionView with custom cell. for this.With cell size equal element cell. But you will hit a several problem here: Some cells should be disabled, and customized in non standard way. In this case section is not useful for you. Overlay button in top on collection view may be difficult to positioning in storyboard.

2) You can use UIContainerView with totally custom view and colors. Dynamically added to custom row and column. This ofc have some flaws. Harder to build layout in storyboard (compared to (1) solution), memory management issues.

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