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I have a class which extends the GXT ComboBox :

public class RemoteCombo<Row> extends ComboBox<Row> {

Later, I use it in some code :

@UiField(provided = true)
RemoteCombo<Town> town;

public void onTownValueChanged(ValueChangeEvent<Town> event) {

I get the following error :

[ERROR] Field 'town' does not have an 'addValueChangeHandler' method associated.

This is false because town is a RemoteCombo, RemoteCombo extends ComboBox, ComboBox has this method.

If I delegate this method in RemoteCombo.java, it works :

public HandlerRegistration addValueChangeHandler(ValueChangeHandler<Row> handler){
  return super.addValueChangeHandler(handler);

Nevertheless, I find weird that I have to delegate every method that I need to use with @UiHandler. Do I do something wrong or is it a bug?

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1. Double-check the provided RemoteCombo is using the proper implementation (the one extending ComboBox). 2. Does catching ChangeEvent instead of ValueChangeEvent<T> works ? –  otonglet Aug 30 '13 at 12:27

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