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I have a string returned from a function and the value returned is 12.0 but when I am converting it to Int using Convert.ToInt32(string) or ToInt32.Parse(string) then I am getting an error " Input string is in the incorrect format.

Please help where I am going wrong

Thanks priya

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can you please put exact code as this should throw any exception –  Dhaval Aug 30 '13 at 10:25

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Convert.ToInt32 internally uses Int32.Parse which has no support for fractional digits and thus having a trailing .0 causes an exception. You can however use an overload of Int32.Parse, namely the one that accepts a NumberStyles enumeration:

int number = Int32.Parse("12.0", NumberStyles.Float);
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try using the int.TryParse(string val, out int); method and check any culture related settings 12,0 vs 12.0

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