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I integrated paypal Express checkout in a site for the Merchant account test@yahoo.com (its US account)

We have already enabled the option 'PayPal -> Profile -> My Selling Tools -> Website Preferences -> PayPal Account Optional' in marchant account

But while i redirect to paypal site from my site , there is only two options to pay

1)pay with my paypal account
2)Create paypal account

there is no option 'pay with credit or debit card'

How can i enable this option 'pay with credit or debit card' so that guest users those don't have paypal account can pay?

According to some peoples suggestions, i added

'&LANDINGPAGE ='.urlencode('billing')

into SetExpressCheckout calling

Now i can see two option

1)pay with my paypal account
2)'pay with credit or debit card or bill me later' .

But while click on the second option it shows a form for creating a paypal account

so How can i set an option 'pay with credit or debit card' so that guest users those don't have paypal account can pay?

I am testing the site from the Country India

I also reffered the questions PayPal Express Chekout no pay by credit/debit card option

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I remember you have an option to allow users not registered in paypal to pay on your website through paypal express checkout. If you enable that, this option will appear

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Thanks for the reply.But can u mention the exact option.I am in very urgent – user2659554 Aug 30 '13 at 11:10
stackoverflow.com/questions/18018094/… In above link, it saying that, not all country will support for paying with debit/credit card.If it is correct , can any one say India will support it? – user2659554 Aug 30 '13 at 11:33

Check this given Link


Its Helps you lot.

Also Check the demo link

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