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I've generated a set of php classes using easyWsdl2PHP and they are working ok, but when I place the generated class inside a namespace like such...

namespace myCompany\ourService

then initially when calling this code...

$params = array("classmap"=>self::$classmap,"trace" => true,"exceptions" => true);     
$this->soapClient = new SoapClient($url,$params);

i get this error...

Class 'myCompany\ourService\SoapClient' not found

which I fix by calling new \SoapClient($url... (notice the backslash at the start, escapes the namespace), but now basically it is complaining it cant find the 'response' object, that is my Request is placed in a 'SALE' object and passed to the soap call, the error is like so...

Uncaught SoapFault exception: [Client] Class 'SALEResponse' not found

How can I use php namespaces correctly within my code, how to get Soap in php to use the name spaces correctly? I have two very similar services I need to connect to, both with 'sale' methods, and many other commonly named elements that are not compatible, so placing them inside a php namespace appears to be a good solution, as the code is generated, I could rename each 'Sale' to 'Service1_Sale' and 'Service2_Sale', but that is far from ideal. Any help?

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I've found a solution :

private static $classmap = array('SALE'=>'ourCompany\ourService\SALE'

where i've added the ourCompany\ourService\ to include the namespace i'm using.

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