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I have a huge collection in Mongo DB.

Problem : say i have 3 million records retrieved as a list and i have to perform comparison on each object with each other in the list with some criteria. what can be the most effective approach to the problem ?

Is there any way to get such records directly from database only, or to perform comparison in python after fetching data.

Eg Data:

student : [ {id:001,name:'John',rollNo:'666','age:25','hobby':'chess,singing,tennis'},{id:002,name:'marry',rollNo:'555','age:15','hobby':'chess,tennis','singing'},{id:003,name:'Eric',rollNo:'444','age:20','hobby':'soccer,tennis','dance'}, <-- duplicate {id:003,name:'Bob',rollNo:'444','age:20','hobby':'soccer,tennis','dance'}, <-- duplicate {id:004,name:'Alice',rollNo:'666','age:25','hobby':'tennis','skates','dance'}]

need to generate some analytics : all duplicate , all with similar hobbies etc ..

Thanks in advance :)

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You could try mongo aggregation framework –  Denis Aug 30 '13 at 11:17

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Mongo aggregation framework or some python scripts

from collections import defaultdict

name = defaultdict(list)
for student in students:     
    name[student['name']] = student['id']
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I think best way for you would be to use mongo aggregation framework, for example, duplicates on age:

    // group by age
    {$group: { _id: { age: '$age'}, names: {$push: '$name'}, count: {$sum: 1} }},
    // get all where count > 1
    {$match: {count: {$gt: 1}}}
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