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I've recently started working on someone else's code base and I've come across a lot of this

@property (strong, retain) TYPE *iVar;

I've never seen both Strong and Retain used in the same property declaration. I'm surprised that it even compiles, as retain already implies strong.

The project uses arc, and is a few months old so legacy isn't the problem here, the deployment target is iOS6.

Is there any valid reason why you would want to do this?

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There is no reason to use property declarations with both retain and strong - according to Apple's documentation, the two are synonyms:

The keywords weak and strong are introduced as new declared property attributes, as shown in the following examples.

// The following declaration is a synonym for: @property(retain) MyClass *myObject;
@property(strong) MyClass *myObject;
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If you are using ARC then just use strong.

Mixing the two may be allowed now but may produce compiler warnings / errors in the future. Not to mention it looks really odd.

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