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I have a little specific question with the following code:

require 'rubygems'
require "watir-webdriver"

webpage = ""
pag_detalle = :firefox

if pag_detalle.frame(:id => 'iFrameFicha').table(:id => 'TableInformacionBasicaProyecto').exists? then

    pag_detalle.frame(:id => 'iFrameFicha').table(:id => 'TableInformacionBasicaProyecto').link(:id => 'btnCotizar')

    sleep 5

    if pag_detalle.frame(:id => 'iFrameFicha').table(:id => 'Cotizar').exists? then
        puts "existe"


The code opens firefox and loads a page. Then click on 'Cotizar' button. After that, the frame 'iFrameFicha' change its content but can`t access to its elements.

The error message indicates that I should switch to the container frame but I am not able to.

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The error message you are seeing seems like a bug in watir-webdriver (or selenium-webdriver). From a quick test, it appears that exception is thrown whenever trying to access anything within a frame and the element does not exist. I believe this is the same as Issue 211. The exception in the issue is different, I believe, only because it is using Chrome (ie if you use firefox for the issue, you get the exception you do).

In particular, when you do the line:

if pag_detalle.frame(:id => 'iFrameFicha').table(:id => 'Cotizar').exists? then

The element does not exist, which (incorrectly) throws an exception as mentioned above.

When I looked at the page, there are 3 tables, none of which have an id.

I am guessing you actually want the table with the class "Cotizar":

<table class="Cotizar" border="0" width="100%">

Which would mean the code should be:

if pag_detalle.frame(:id => 'iFrameFicha').table(:class=> 'Cotizar').exists? then

But maybe you want the body element has the id "cotizar" (note the lower case).

<body onload="resize();ExisteMarco();" style="margin:0px;" id="cotizar" class="pageBtn">

In which case you would need to do:

if pag_detalle.frame(:id => 'iFrameFicha').body(:id => 'cotizar').exists? then
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