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I'm trying to pass on some hidden fields in a form from one page to another:

<form action=\"secondPage.php\" method=\"post\">
   <input name=\"from\" type=\"hidden\" value=\"$fday/$fmonth/$fyear\">
   <input name=\"to\" type=\"hidden\" value=\"$tday/$tmonth/$tyear\">
   <input type=\"submit\">

secondPage.php contains:

   $fdate = $_POST("from");
   $tdate = $_POST("to");
   echo "$fdate --- $tdate";

I get this error on when I click submit and am redirected to secondPage.php:

Fatal error: Array callback has to contain indices 0 and 1 in C:\xampp\htdocs\blah\secondPage.php on line 2
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Maybe should read about Accessing array values? –  Royal Bg Aug 30 '13 at 12:04

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PHP uses square brackets rather than parentheses for accessing arrays:

  $fdate = $_POST["from"];
  $tdate = $_POST["to"];
  echo "$fdate --- $tdate";
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