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I'm trying to get a character count-down from 2 textareas in the same div class 'fields'. My code works fine for just 1 textarea but it doesn't work at all if i try to select 2:

function wordCount()

    var num = 100 - $("#id_COMMENT_PRO,#id_COMMENT_NEG").val().length;
    if (num < 0) {
        num = 0;

    $('#count').text('Words left: ' + num);


and here's where I'm calling it in my form:

$(function () { $('#id_COMMENT_PRO').keyup(function() { wordCount(); }); $('#id_COMMENT_NEG').keyup(function() { wordCount(); }) } );

Apologies if its obvious but I'm very new to javascript.

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try 100 - ($("#id_COMMENT_PRO).val().length + $("#id_COMMENT_NEG).val().length); – amorbytes Aug 30 '13 at 12:31
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you can only return one val, which is why this wont work. Try this:

var num = 100 - $("#id_COMMENT_PRO").val().length - $("#id_COMMENT_NEG").val().length;
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Ah right, I must have misread the method definition. – Philip Richardson Aug 30 '13 at 12:34

.val() returns the value of the first matched elements by selectors,
if you want the sum of two string lengths try this:

 var num = 100 - $("#id_COMMENT_PRO").val().length - $("#id_COMMENT_NEG").val().length 
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