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My question is: How to observe changes on simple variable like String or num? I know that you can easy observe object like this:

observe(t, (e) => print ("Value changed"));

but How to do this on simple variable?

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(This answer applies to Polymer.dart.)

The observe package includes a wrapper for single observable values: ObservableBox.

import 'package:observe/observe.dart';
import 'dart:async';

void main() {
  ObservableBox myValue = new ObservableBox('hello');

  myValue.changes.listen((List<ChangeRecord> records) {
    PropertyChangeRecord record = records[0] as PropertyChangeRecord;

    print('${record.field} changed, it is now ${myValue.value}');

  new Timer.periodic(const Duration(seconds: 1), (t) {
    myValue.value = new DateTime.now();

There is no way to observe a top-level or function-scope single string, boolean, int, or double without using ObservableBox.

If the string, boolean, int, or double is a field of a class, you can use ObservableMixin and the @observable annotation.

class Foo extends Object with ObservableMixin {
  @observable String bar = '';

You can then get notified when an instance of Foo changes:

foo.changes.listen((List<ChangeRecord> records) {
  // ...
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It appears that currently (SDK 1.6) it's name rather than field, and oldValue and newValue. However, name is a Symbol, and so record.name == "myProperty" won't evaluate. Hrm. –  David Notik Aug 29 at 18:51
So record.name == "myProperty" needs to be converted to a String using mirrors. See my answer and code below. –  David Notik Aug 29 at 19:02

Here is an example of the binding of a string value that is object attribute:

<!DOCTYPE html>

    <script src="packages/polymer/boot.js"></script>

    <template id="_template" bind>
      <input type="text" value="{{name}}">
      <p>The name is {{name}}</p>

    <script type="application/dart" src="index.dart"></script>
import 'dart:html';
import 'package:polymer/polymer.dart';

class Person extends Object with ObservableMixin {
  String name;

main() {
  query("#_template").model = new Person('Bob');
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