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So I'm building my first mobile app using nomad and I have pages I want to call through ajax. The problem is I need an authenticated user to get the data I'm looking for. I'm just using the built in forms authentication logic that comes built into mvc 3 projects. So how can I securely authorize a user on a mobile device and keep them logged in while making calls later?


I'm using a tool, for my app, and a basic mvc 3 site controller to login and get the data the app needs. I'm not using webpi just a controler to keep it simply for now. For the mobile app its built on jquery, jquery mobile, and HTML 5, any help here would be much appreciated

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Why do you think a mobile web browser would be different then a non-mobile web browser in terms of authorization or authentication? – Erik Philips Sep 3 '13 at 21:24

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