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I'm having a weird issue with a Grails 2.2.3 application where any operation that requires a redirect is going to a URL like http://localhost:8080/[:]/domain/show/1 instead of http://localhost:8080/appName/domain/show/1. Just navigating around works fine, but as soon as I do a domain operation like edit or create I get a redirect to a broken URL like the one above.

You would think that maybe I didn't have appName declared in my application.properties file, but I do (app.name=mobilefaq).

Does anyone know why this issue might be happening? If it helps, I also have the following config properties set as well:

grails.app.context = '/mobilefaq'
environments {
    development {
        grails.serverURL = "http://localhost:8080/${appName}"
    test {
        grails.serverURL = "http://testserver.company.com:8080/${appName}"

Also note, this is when running the application on the test server specifically (the issue doesn't happen in development). I am doing grails test war to create the war as well, so it shouldn't be an issue where I'm deploying in the wrong environment.

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How does the redirect look like? Do you have absolute property of redirect set to true? –  dmahapatro Aug 30 '13 at 15:44
Looks like the issue was actually appName not being resolved in an external config file, so grails.serverURL was getting set to /[:] instead of /appName. You must use grails.util.Metadata.current.getApplicationName() instead. –  grantmcconnaughey Aug 30 '13 at 16:14

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The fix was actually in this StackOverflow question. I will leave this for future help (if someone searches for something like "Grails URL empty map").

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