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I've implemented a content assist proposal computer as an eclipse plugin (using org.eclipse.jdt.ui.javaCompletionProposalComputer) and it internally uses a IContentAssistProcessor. The Processor class provides a method for specifying auto-activation characters for the content assist menu, called getCompletionProposalAutoActivationCharacters(). However, since I'm only using this class internally, it is not registered with the workbench in any way and the auto-activation characters I defined are not actually activating the content assist menu.

Is there a way to "register" my IContentAssistProcessor class so that the getCompletionProposalAutoActivationCharacters() method will get called?

Is there another way to associate a javaCompletionProposalComputer class with auto-activation characters (defined by the plugin, and not manually in the workbench)?

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