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Hi I've just started couple of days ago with codeigniter, I have a following problem. When I set value of login button to "" (no value) in order to style it with css properly the login form won't work, the value needs to be login, is there a way arround it I'm sure there is got to be the way.. Here is some code ..

Controller :


class Login extends Controller {
//  var $success = '';

    function Login()

    function index()
    	$success_tmp   = '0';

    	$this->load->helper(array('form', 'url'));
    	$this->load->library(array('encrypt', 'form_validation', 'session'));

    	$this->form_validation->set_rules('member_username', 'User', 'required');
    	$this->form_validation->set_rules('member_pass', 'Password', 'required');


    			if ($this->Member->check_login() == 1 ) 
    		//	$this->session->set_userdata('');

    			$success_tmp = 1;
    	if ($success_tmp != 1) 

    function logout()


Here is my view file :

<div id="page-top"><h1>Existing users</h1></div>

<div class="login_center">
<div class="login_logo"></div>

<?$attributes = array('class' => 'login_form', 'id' => 'login_form');?>
<?$login_dugme = array('class' => 'login_button', 'name' => 'login', 'value' => 'login');?>
<?=form_open('login/index/', $attributes);?>

    	<ul class="login_form">
    		<?=form_label('Username', 'member_username')?>
    		<?=form_input('member_username', set_value('member_username'))?>

    		<?=form_label('Password', 'member_pass')?>

<div class="login_bottom"><?=form_submit($login_button);?></div>
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Maybe use a space instead of "" for the button... It may work.

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should solve your problem.

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I get error when I use that Fatal error: Can't use method return value in write context in – Gandalf StormCrow Dec 6 '09 at 2:01
Where did you put it? You should replace if($this->input->post('login')) by if(isset($this->input->post('login'))) that it also works if the post value of the login button is transmitted, but empty. – Joscha Dec 6 '09 at 2:35

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