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i would like to make a query in ma access can extract text between first and second character "/" and when there are not "/" in field in returns null.

now data in my table are like below

No           option1
1            100
2            145/Mechanical/0800
3            120/electrical/1620
4            131/mechanical/0200/dw-001

Now I like to make a query can extract text between first and second character "/" like below:

 No       option1                   discipline
 1        100                   null
 2        145/Mechanical/0800           Mechanical
 3        120/electrical/1620           electrical
 4        131/mechanical/0200/dw-001        mechanical  
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i like to use that for example in sql what i have to do? thanks – masoud Aug 31 '13 at 7:26
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SELECT [No], option1, 
       IIF(INSTR(option1,'/') > 0, 
       ) AS discipline
  FROM YourTable
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