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I would like to detect iPhone OS version in the app, can you post sample code as well. I tried using macro that didn't help.

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You need to use the macros if you want conditional compilation:

 #if __IPHONE_8_0
 // Works on >= version 8.0
 // Works on < version 8.0

Or alternatively, to check at runtime, use:

float ver = [[[UIDevice currentDevice] systemVersion] floatValue];
if (ver >= 8.0) {
    // Only executes on version 8 or above.
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Are you sure that #ifdef works? I just tried __IPHONE_8_0 and the code compiled on 7.0 and caused a crash. – Albert Renshaw Feb 11 at 17:47
No thats wrong.. should be #if and #endif – apptality Aug 28 at 18:07

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