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I am generating the KML file, currently in my javascript code, to show a proof-of-concept, but when I parse the new kml file then it just adds the new placemarks rather than updating any changes.

Looking at this, it appears that if I pass an update file instead, after the first one, that may do what I want, but, as I will show below, I create a string, each time, and then append that to the Google Earth features.


The two main functions are these:

function addKmlFromString(kmlString) {
    var kmlObject = ge.parseKml(kmlString);
var initCallback = function(object) {
    ge = object;
    setInterval(function() {
            "cmd" : "abstraction1"
    }, 10 * 1000);

and in my listener to the web worker I have this:

var kmlObject = ge.parseKml(data.kml);

So I get a kml document from the web worker, then I parse it, and append it.

I would like to take -77.2602 40.9004 5000000 0 Vienna, VA -78.2602,40.9004,0

So what I would like is when placemark id pm23 is parsed and appended that Google Earth will update it, not duplicate it.


Would it be better to just manually create the placemarks, and just update those elements from within javascript directly, rather than creating the KML file?

I noticed that it is fairly easy to create placemarks by looking at:


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