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I have a typical web api controller which is called from a jscript client. During a request is being handled by the server I want to send a message to a group of signalr clients, except the client that corresponds to the current web api http request.

How can I get that connection id at that moment that signalr context is not available? Of course I can have the client send it explicitly with the rest of the parameters of the http request, but I was wondering if there is a more elegant way.

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There isn't a more elegant way. The connection id is stored on the client and is usually passed up with every request made with the signalr client.

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I have created a library for making the gap between your backend service bus and SignalR more seamless, if you implemented it. You could do it like this, from your WebApi method

eventAggregator.Publish(new MyEvent(data));

And the MyEvent

public class MyEvent : Event 
   public MyEvent(Data data) 
      this.PerformedBy = Thread.CurrentPrincipal.Identity.Name;

Then create a Constraint handler for that Event

public class MyEventConstraint : EventConstraintHandler<Event>
   public bool Allow(MyEvent myEvent, username, dynamic constraint) 
      return myEvent.PerformedBy != username;

You can also make the MyEvent generic so that you can reuse it for all your entities

More info and how to set it up

Beware that all clients belonging to said user will not get the event

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