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We are using MyEclipse IDE for all our Java needs. Till now our team did use the Build Automatically option in the Project menu of the IDE.

So MyEclipse IDE users how do you manage your build process? Also integrating Ant/Maven also a good idea?

I hope this is a suitable question for this site otherwise, mods please feel free to take the post down.

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Every project ( no matter how big or small ) should begin with:

mvn archetype:generate

and then be imported into Eclipse.

This is the first thing you should type instinctively before starting a new Java project.

Waiting until almost the end of a project to integrate a environment agnostic build environment is missing the point entirely.

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Not to mention all the hours of banging your head off the wall trying to mavenize a project so late in its development cycle. – redFIVE Aug 30 '13 at 17:49

Integrating Maven is always a good idea. That way the build process isn't IDE-specific, and developers can work on the project in different IDEs.

I use NetBeans which has easy Maven integration. I know that Eclipse has a popular and well-maintained Maven plugin. Not familiar with MyEclipse, however...

As for learning Maven, I would recommend this free online text:

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I really hated learning maven. That being said, once I managed to get the hang of it I couldn't see myself developing without it. I highly suggest Maven for anyone developing Java apps, big or small. – redFIVE Aug 30 '13 at 17:38
Good point. I added a link to the e-book "Maven by Example". – ktm5124 Aug 30 '13 at 17:41

The Build-automatically option in eclipse is not the same thing as an ant or maven build system. If you build automatically, then eclipse will compile your code when you save the file, and it will show you errors in your code sooner. See Purpose of the "Build Automatically" option in eclipse

I always recommend doing the automatic build!

As for Maven/Ant. I am a big fan of Ant, and I have hated using Maven. Also, there are times when Maven's best features (the autiomatic dependency resolution) is more of a problem than a help.

I recommend that people understand the Java build process, and don't leave it to some parrot-fashion system that hides the most important infrastructure from you.

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