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I've got this page which produces a big directory list of thumbnails.

The code behind the page looks like:

{include 'sorting.php'}
    {foreach $posts as $item}
    {first}<ul class="items">{/first}
        <li class="item clear{ifset $item->packageClass} {$item->packageClass}{/ifset}{ifset $item->optionsDir['featured']} featured{/ifset}">
            {if $item->thumbnailDir}
            <div class="thumbnail">
                <img src="{timthumb src => $item->thumbnailDir, w => 212, h => 152}" alt="{__ 'Item thumbnail'}">
                <div class="comment-count">{$item->comment_count}</div>

            <div class="description">
                    <a href="{!$item->link}">{$item->post_title}</a>
                    {if $item->rating}
                    <span class="rating">
                        {for $i = 1; $i <= $item->rating['max']; $i++}
                            <span class="star{if $i <= $item->rating['val']} active{/if}"></span>

As you can see, I"ve changed the thumbnail size to what it should be, and have modified my CSS to reflect this. That being said, it still looks things are pixelated and unusuable. This is odd, considering if I set the css back to the standard 100x100 for TimThumb, it looks fine. I have been up and down this WordPress theme changing any mention of TimThub's resizing to the desired size for this photo set, and it still doesn't work. This is the top-most code, though, and should have changed it to begin with.

Have checked TimThumb permissions, GD library installation, not on HostGator (MediaTemple, who have assured me there are no server problems here—I'd believe 'em) etc. Any ideas on this DaVinci Code situation?

/**Edit to Add Link**/

Here's a link to a sample search as an example:


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Yes, abandon timthumb, urgently! See this Q&A and its comments. –  brasofilo Aug 30 '13 at 17:55
What is the size of $item->thumbnailDir ? (Without considering timthumb resize) –  Bonbelo Aug 30 '13 at 18:24
Ah, that would be something to check! I'm not quite as versatile with PHP as I'd like be. That'd be this string in the functions-dir.php file of that theme, correct? The "-dir.php" just refers directory. foreach ($items as $item) { $item->timthumbUrl = (isset($item->thumbnailDir)) ? TIMTHUMB_URL . "?" . http_build_query(array('src' => $item->thumbnailDir, 'w' => 120, 'h' => 160), "", "&amp;") : ''; $item->timthumbUrlContent = (isset($item->thumbnailDir)) ? TIMTHUMB_URL . "?" . http_build_query(array('src' => $item->thumbnailDir, 'w' => 100, 'h' => 100), "", "&amp;") : ''; } –  LukePatrick Aug 30 '13 at 18:44
Changing both definitions in that string did not appear to help! I've made sure to empty the timthumb cache, as well. Added a link for clarity if anyone wants to check it out live. –  LukePatrick Aug 30 '13 at 19:06

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