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I'm creating a custom CSS for print so that I may print out a one page form from a list from the browser. I'm using InfoPath 2010, and using a webpart content editor to post the css.

I've gotten rid of borders and backgrounds with this code, but try as I might, the Print Preview shows "Print to View" and it looks like some small text on the page (takes about half the page full). Javascript seems to not be working for me.

Here is my CSS code I've tried (some of it is redundant):

@media Print    
   BODY { 
     visibility: hidden; LINE-HEIGHT: 160%; BACKGROUND: white; border: none; 

  .cf_dQspMMr7Q9MFNeaN_5 { 
     position: absolute; left: 0; top: 0; width: 670pt !important; 

  .ck_dQspMMr7Q9MFNeaN_2, *, 
  .cf_dQspMMr7Q9MFNeaN_5 * {
      visibility: visible; 

  INPUT#liPrintButton { DISPLAY: none;}

  table { border: 0px !important; border-collapse:collapse !important;}

  td, th { border: 0px !important; }

  .s4-wpTopTable table td { 
   border: 0px !important; border-collapse: collapse;
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