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I have an Interface called ISupport that is used to supply tech support information.

ISupport = Interface(IInterface)
  procedure AddReport(const Report: TStrings);

Each class that has relevant information for support implements this Interface, and at the constructor calls:

procedure TySupport.RegisterSupport(Support: ISupport);
  if FInterfaceList.IndexOf(Support) = -1 then

Example of usage (partial):

TyConfig = class(TInterfacedObject, ISupport)
  procedure   AddReport(const Report: TStrings);

  constructor Create;

constructor TyConfig.Create;
  if Assigned(ySupport) then

Later on the code I can go over the list and call the AddReport just fine.

My problem is that there are one class, this TyConfig, that is instantiated many times, and the information it will report is exactly the same. The FInterfaceList.IndexOf only avoid the very same interface to be added.

I want to avoid that the ISupport from TyConfig gets registered more than one time.

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Starting from Delphi 2010 it is possible to cast from an interface to an object:

  obj: TObject;
  intf: IInterface;
obj := intf as IInterface;

Once you have that capability, it is a small step to check that the object is derived from a particular class:

if obj is TyConfig then

With these pieces, you should be able to solve your problem.

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Prior to D2010, you can do the same the RTL's IInterfaceComponentReference interface does for TComponent. Create another interface, say ITyConfigReference, whose sole purpose is to return the TyConfig object's Self pointer, then have TyConfig implement ITyConfigReference as well as ISupport. That way, you can query any ISupport interface for ITyConfigReference, and if supported then use it to retrieve the TyConfig object pointer if needed. Or, just the mere fact that ITyConfigReference is supported is enough to know whether the object is a TyConfig or not. – Remy Lebeau Aug 30 '13 at 18:57

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