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In Play, if an in thrown in initializing a class - for example, configuration.get("badKey").get being called, I believe there is a java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError. However, no error is ever caught or logged by Play and it just goes on, broken.

How can I make sure this is caught, or logged, or something other than just ignored?

It brings the website to halt, but I don't know that it's happened.

I know that I shouldn't have these errors in the first place. What first prompted this is that the Application.conf file differs depending on if its my local environment or production. If a developer forgets to add a key to the production one, it can bring the website to a halt (silently). Conceivably, though, there could be other errors too.

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You can use play's built in Logger.

import play.Logger

try {
} catch {
  case e:ExceptionInInitializerError => {
  case e:Exception => {

Or write an accessor that goes to a default or logs an error without needing a try catch

import play.Logger
import play.api.Play

object Conf {

  private val config = Play.current.configuration

  def get(key:String):String = 
    config.getString(key) match {
      case Some(value:String) => value
      case _                  => {
        Logger.warn("No value found in application.conf for [" + key + "]")
        "some default value"
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