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I am new in C#, having got used to Java and its data structures. Recently, when I wrote C#, trying to get the list of results based on users' choices. I used HashTable in C# but people say I can call where() method in List.

I am wondering the underlay of where method (array? or some other data structure?)so that I can figure out the real cost of where() function and HashTable.

Also, I know most of HashTable is created based on array or BST, so how does HashTable work in C#?

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In general, I wouldn't use Hashtable in C#, but instead use Dictionary<TKey, TValue>, as this provides type safety.

Both classes have access that approaches O(1) for accessing items in the collection. This is mentioned in the documentation:

Getting or setting the value of this property approaches an O(1) operation.

Note that using a List<T> will effectively use an array internally, which means .Where becomes an O(n) filter. For finding a single element, FirstOrDefault is typically a better choice. If there aren't many items in the collection, this is often fine, but if you need fast access, then a Dictionary<T,U> is a better option.

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