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We need to determine, in code, what template would automatically be applied to a bound element, given a specific data type and that element.

We are not looking for a DataTemplateSelector as that's used to tell the UI which template to use for a given object based on custom logic. We're instead asking the UI which template will it use for a given data type and UI element.

In other words, we're looking for whatever WPF would apply based on the templates defined in the resources section of a window, which can be overridden by the resources of a control on that window, which can be overridden by explicitly setting the DataTemplate or providing a DataTemplateSelector directly on that element.

Also, we tried the default implementation of SelectTemplate but that returns null, so we can't go that route either.

A test would be to ask an element with no data templates or selectors defined anywhere in the UI 'How would you display this value?' and hopefully it will return a DataTemplate containing the definition for a TextBlock with the text property set to the ToString method on that object, which is what's displayed by default when nothing else is defined.

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What about DataTemplateSelector [msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/… –  Timothy Puffer Aug 30 '13 at 19:13
Isn't the selector where you determine what to return? I want to use what WPF would otherwise resolve to. –  MarqueIV Aug 30 '13 at 22:30

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I guess you could try to manually reproduce the logic WPF is using to find the appropriate DataTemplate, by walking up the visual tree and looking for a resource with the appropriate key. Here's a possible implementation (untested):

static DataTemplate FindTemplateForType(Type dataType, DependencyObject container)
    var frameworkElement = container as FrameworkElement;
    if (frameworkElement != null)
        var template = FindTemplateForType(dataType, frameworkElement.Resources);
        if (template != null)
            return template;

    var parent == VisualTreeHelper.GetParent(container);
    if (parent != null)
        return FindTemplateForType(dataType, parent);
        return FindTemplateForType(dataType, Application.Current.Resources);

static DataTemplate FindTemplateForType(Type dataType, ResourceDictionary resources)
    var entries =
        from DictionaryEntry e in resources
        where e.Key is Type && e.Value is DataTemplate
        let type = (Type)e.Key
        let template = (DataTemplate)e.Value
        where dataType.IsAssignableFrom(type)
        select template;

    var template = entries.FirstOrDefault();
    if (template != null)
        return template;

    foreach(var mergedDic in resources.MergedDictionaries)
        template = FindTemplateForType(dataType, mergedDic);
        if (template != null)
            return template;        

    return null;
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