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I'm using jquery to get value of textbox, and instead of returning the value in the textbox, i get the below code. Not sure if this makes a difference, but textbox value is set after page is loaded.

function (a) {
    var c, d, e, g = this[0]; {
        if ( !! arguments.length) {
            e = f.isFunction(a);
            return this.each(function (d) {
                var g = f(this),
                if (this.nodeType === 1) {
                    e ? h = a.call(this, d, g.val()) : h = a, h == null ? h = "" : typeof h == "number" ? h += "" : f.isArray(h) && (h = f.map(h, function (a) {
                        return a == null ? "" : a + ""
                    })), c = f.valHooks[this.type] || f.valHooks[this.nodeName.toLowerCase()];
                    if (!c || !("set" in c) || c.set(this, h, "value") === b) this.value = h
        if (g) {
            c = f.valHooks[g.type] || f.valHooks[g.nodeName.toLowerCase()];
            if (c && "get" in c && (d = c.get(g, "value")) !== b) return d;
            d = g.value;
            return typeof d == "string" ? d.replace(q, "") : d == null ? "" : d

here is the jquery code

input = "#OperatorUpdateEmployeeNum";


Does anyone know why its not giving the actual value in the textbox? thanks.

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.val is a function you need to use .val(), what you are getting is the text that makes up the function. –  Patrick Evans Aug 30 '13 at 19:20

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To get the value of something, you should use the method


So you code might be:


If your text value is loaded on the page end you should use the event "onload" from document. With jquery its like that:

//now create your event listener
    // on this case you case use $(this) becouse "this" pointing to selector of the event
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thank you that guys, that worked. I should have double checked that :/ –  user2734096 Aug 30 '13 at 20:27

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