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My company has an enterprise solution with a huge code base most of it is developed using C# and VB.NET with some C++. We are now considering creating an app for Windows 8 Store app (probably in JavaScript/HTML5 as we don't have developers with wpf/xaml expereince but have some great developers with wealth of experience in these JavaScript/CSS etc). We would like to us some of our existing code libraries that are written in C#, VB.NET, C++. So far what I have read is that existing .NET libraries could not be called directly from a Windows 8 Store app and will require to create Windows 8 component. Is this correct? Can we creating these reusable components using JavaScript? If some one can provide recommendation on useful links with sample that will be great.

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It is totally possible to create a HTML/JS app for Windows 8 which also uses C# and C++ components. The only caveat is that the C# and C++ component have to be written as Windows Runtime Components. Visual Studio through its various project templates etc. makes it very easy to create Windows Runtime components, in which then you can wrap your existing code. See this and this for examples.

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You may be interested in this application, for converting .NET assemblies to JS code:

This site has a huge list of apps for converting lots of different languages to JS:

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